The Cork can be personalised into a mountain bike, road bike or trail running tour. The Cork is a culinary experience through the vineyards of the Western Cape. Expect long table dinner settings along the vineyards serving delicious local Cape cuisine with live music in the background. Daily craft beer and wine stops can be expected as guests make their way through the vineyards. The Cork is all about offering guests a unique off the beaten path experience.


Arrive at your accommodation in the oak- shaded Stellenbosch, welcomed by snacks before we set off on our first 20km ride through the picturesque vineyards to loosen the legs. Dinner will entail a pizza and beer pairing in a handcrafted brewery along with local wine off course.

Today starts with pristine singletrack through the Bottelary Hill Trail vineyards, a refreshing beer stop along the way and ultimately heading towards Paarl passing some of the more diverse landscapes the winelands has to offer. You will unwind with a gin tasting at a nearby distillery during the afternoon. Dinner will be amidst the vineyards with a live band to further set the mood.

Today we set off on a scenic ride the century-old vineyard town of Franschhoek. Expect a secret refreshment stop along the way and a celebratory lunch to conclude a fantastic mountain biking experience.

If you would like to book a custom Cork experience please fel free to contact us. Our team of dedicated experience seekers are just an email away.

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